November 8, 2015

Meet our Interns

Krista Duncan
First Year Intern - Events
Krista is a first year student, planning to specialize in management. In addition to being interested in business and law, she enjoys volunteering and being involved in politics
Ray Lin
First Year Intern - Marketing
Ray is a very studious and diligent first year Rotman student who hopes to specialize in management. In his dwindling amount of free time, Ray loves spending it burrowed into a good book or into his bed. Ray is thrilled to be a part of the RCLA as the marketing intern.
Brittany Teo
First Year Intern - Corporate Relations
Brittany is a first year Commerce student planning on specializing in Finance & Economics with a minor in Psychology. In and out of school, Brittany likes to remain active, keep herself busy, and spend time with her friends. Other than that, she loves acting on-camera and for theatre, something she has been doing since she was 9 years old.
Alice Qiu
First Year Intern - Events
Alice is a first year Commerce Student intending to specialize in finance and economic. She visualizes herself as an investment banker or a lawyer in the future. Alice is outgoing and is willing to meet more friends. She also has interests in photography and badminton.
Emilie Heron
First Year Intern - Corporate Relations
Emilie is a first year commerce student. She enjoys baking and watching American Football League games in order to get her mind of these studies.